Fame India – Asia post Popular Collectors Survey 2020

Fame India – Asia Post Popular Collectors Survey 2020

Fame India – Asia post Popular Collectors Survey 2020

Fame India – Asia Post Popular Collectors Survey 2020
In our country, it is a popular saying that the real power to do anything good for people lies in hands of PM in the centre, CM in states and DM in districts. Though every citizen plays an important role in the development of the country but whatever plan country and states design for the development it benefits reach the people through collectors only. They are the persons who are instruments to the positive changes. Collectors ensure that no one is left without his part of the benefit coming from the Government. Due to their rigorous training,  quick grasping capability, and knowledge quickly they learn the geography, demography, resource potential of their jurisdiction, and efficiently they device the mechanism for the uninterrupted rolling of the wheel of development. 

The success or the failure of any government scheme will be absolutely dependent upon its reach, connectivity, and benefits to the common man. Ignoring the mammoth responsibilities lying on the shoulders of these officers sometimes allegations are inflicted that they are just idling without contributing anything which is very ironic. The collector’s position is the most important spoke in the wheel of the entire development process. 

Through our “50 popular Collectors” edition of fame India we are trying to bring forth and highlight the contribution of theses officers in the country’s development. Being a responsible media organization with a sole dedication to positive journalism fame India is this time trying to give the due credit to Districts Magistrates for their contribution to the growth of our country. At present, there are a total of 724 districts in our country thus Fame India has very carefully and intensely chosen 50 excellent performing officers with help of the public, intelligentsia, and local media. Based on stakeholders survey, fame India has designed 50 categories and going to publish the best officer falling in that category. 

This joint survey of Fame India and Asia Post is based upon an officer’s efficient governance, foresight, Uniqueness of thoughts, work responsibility, quickness in crucial decisions, sincerity, public image, and good behavior, etc. 

List of 50 popular collectors as follows-

Excellent - Kumar Ravi (DM Patna )

Distinct- Shalini Agarwal  (DM Barodra)

Dutiful- Kaushal Raj Sharma (DM Varanasi )

Buoyant- Pradeep Aggarwal  (DC Ludhiana)

Strenuous - Suhas L Y (DM Gautam Buddha Nagar)

Competent - Rajendra Bhatt (DM Bhilwara )

Forerunner - Balwant Singh (DM Puri)

Impressive - K Vijendra Pandiyan (DM Gorakhpur)

Congruous - Dr. Brij Mohan Mishra (DC South Delhi) 

Superfine - Naval Kishore Ram (DM Pune) 

Strength - Mukta Arya (DM Howrah)

Evolutive - C Ravishankar (DM Haridwar)

Soaring - Aditi Singh (DM Hapur)

Capable - Sushma Chauhan (DC Jammu) 

Effective - Tarun Rathi (DC Damoh)

Fabulous - Dr. Mannan Akhtar (DM Jalaun)

Substantial - Virendra K Sharma (DC Jalandhar)

Amenable - Shailesh Nawal (DM Amrawati)

Successful - Kumar Amit (DC Patiala)

Dexterous - Sang Phuntsok (DC Tawang)

Prominent - Dr. Narander Kumar Meena (DM Devbhumi Dwarka)

Diligent - Nidhi Shrivastava (DC Central Delhi)

Exceptional - Dr. Tyagrajan SM (DM Darbhanga)

Visionary - Vaibhav Srivastava (DM PILIBHIT)

Altisonant - Dr. Nilesh Ramchandra Devre (DM Madhubani)

Conscious - Vivek Bhatia (DC Chamba)

Matchless - Rahul Kumar (DM Purnea )

Personality - Yashendra Singh (DC Rewari)

Passion - Rai Mahimapat Ray (DC Ranchi )

Motivational - Mangesh Ghildiyal (DM Tehri )

Assiduous - Rajat Bansal (DC Bastar)

Praiseworthy - Anant Lal Gyani (DC Dhubri)

Artistic -  K Rajesh (DC Surender Nagar)

Well Behaved - Navneet Singh Chahal (DM Chandauli) 

Efficient - Ragul K ( DC South Sikkim) 

Purposeful - Dr. Richa Verma (DC Kullu)

Niceish - Swati S Bhadauria (DM Chamoli)

Futuristic - Dr. Piyush Singla (DM Udhampur)

Energetic - P B Nooh Bawa (DM Pathanamthitta)

Efficient Management - Om Prakash Kasera (DM Kota)

Famous - Prince Dhawan (DC Lohit)

Communicative - Ajay Katesaria (DC Satna) 

Icon - Sandeep Singh (DC Ramgarh)

Brightful - Abhishek Tiwari (DC Jalpaiguri)

Responsible - Pallav Gopal Jha (DC Dibrugarh)

Intentions - Amoy Kumar (DM Rangareddy) 

Progressive - Nishant Kumar Yadav (DC Karnal)

Expert - Konduru Shashanka (DM Karimnagar) 

Youth - Shashank Shubhankar (DM Samastipur) 

Reformer - Nancy Sahay (DC Deoghar)